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Poker King Club

Both beginners and seasoned poker veterans will enjoy playing at the Poker King Club in Macau, which is fast becoming one of the region’s most popular poker rooms.

Located on the third floor of the luxurious StarWorld Hotel and Casino in Macau, the Poker King Club builds on the brand name created by the “Poker King” movie – Asia’s own take on the 90’s cult classic “Rounders”.

The Poker King Club, which operates 24/7, currently houses 11 poker tables offering Texas Hold ‘em cash games. Available blind levels are 10/25, 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400, 500/1,000, and even 2,000/5,000, all in Hong Kong Dollars.

If 2,000/5,000 isn’t enough, the Poker King Club also boasts of private, invitation-only games that features high rollers from all over the world. These games are said to have the biggest pots in the world, reaching millions of Hong Kong Dollars on a regular basis.

In fact, it is said to be so big that management is considering building a larger table after complaints by some of the high rollers that their mountains of chips left little room to do anything else on the table.

Despite such big games being played at the Poker King Club, newcomers and beginners to the game should not be intimidated. There are friendly poker girls on the poker room floor at all times to teach new players the mechanics of Texas Hold ‘em.

In addition, there is a training table featuring play chips for anyone who wants to get a feel for the game before dipping their toes in the cash games.

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Baccarat, roulette, and other casino games are just a few steps away from the Poker King Club.

“Poker is already the most popular card game in the world but for Macau we’ll have to try and introduce it slowly,” said Poker King business director Winfred Yu. “However, throughout the years I’ve seen how Chinese players have been learning and developing and I think it’s just a matter of adapting to the game and learning the tips and tricks.”

He also noted that regular players at the poker room can avail of benefits through a special membership card program, which is divided into different VIP tiers.

“Through these cards, players can accumulate points when they play a lot which they can exchange for special prizes or promotions. We want to show the players that we really care about them and their experience at our room,” he said.

Aside from the cash game action, the poker room also organizes tournaments from time to time. In January of 2010, it held the Asian Poker King Tournament at the ballroom of the StarWorld Hotel. A total of 174 players signed up to play in the event, exceeding the HK $750,000 guaranteed prize pool and bringing the total prize money to HK $870,000.

Asia PokerNews Featured Poker Room: Poker King Club 102
Korea's Il Wong Yoo took home the HK $284,200 first prize and a Corum special edition watch.

The Poker King Club is located on the third floor of the StarWorld Casino in Macau. For more information, visit their web site here.

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