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TNC Poker

One of the fastest-growing poker rooms in Hong Kong is TNC, a card room with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of great players.

TNC, which opened in February of this year, is short for Tuesday Night Club. According to Frankie Chow, who manages the poker room, the room’s name has significance to its players.

“TNC is a group of poker players; back then we loved to play on Tuesdays. We started by playing home games at a friend’s home in Hong Kong Island. In time, the number of players grew so we needed to find a new place to play,” he said.

The TNC has four tables open from Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays. Cash games that take place in the room usually fall in the ranges of HKD 5/10 and HKD 10/20 stakes.

Regular tournaments in the future are also being planned. In the meantime, there are plenty of alternatives at the poker room.

“Right now we don’t have any tournaments yet. But we do have Sit N Go’s. At around 6 or 7 pm, we usually have groups of friends gathering around and creating their own little tournaments just for fun, said Mr. Chow. “The buy-in is often about HKD 100 and it’s winner-take-all. But we do plan to organize more tournaments and events in the future.”

Asia PokerNews Featured Poker Room: TNC Poker 101
Poker at the Tuesday Night Club.

With its membership growing steadily, Mr. Chow says that they are definitely looking to promote the TNC brand.

“I know there will be many competitors in Hong Kong in the future. So my wish is to establish and promote the TNC as a brand name,” he said. “Right now we have four or five players who are our TNC pros. We send them to poker tournaments in Macau and even the Philippines to represent our poker room and wear our team jackets.”

“We also plan to have a newbie night every Monday where new players can come learn the game at smaller blinds such as HKD 1/2 and HKD 2/4. We want people here to try poker. I guess at this stage many people in Hong Kong think that poker is gambling and luck, so we want them to try it out and see for themselves that it mostly skill. Poker is a great sport and a fun game.”

The TNC is located on the second floor of the Yeung Iu Chi Commercial Building on Jaffe Road in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. For more information, visit them on the web by clicking here.

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