Michael Cua Wins APT Philippines 2010 Main Event

Michael Cua

He wasn't the most dominating of players, let alone one of the tournament's bigger stacks, but Michael Cua took charge when it counted to win the APT Philippines 2010 main event at Resorts World Manila.

The local player, who won his seat through a satellite tournament, survived a tough field of 226 of the best players from Asia and around the world to take home the title and first prize of US $172,200 with an additional APT Macau seat worth US $4,500.

It was an action-packed run for Cua, who was one of the shortest stacks late last night in Day 3. With less than 14,000 in chips remaining, he got his chips all-in on many occasions and came out as the winner every single time.

That amazing run carried over to the final table, where he was a short stack for most of the day before tripling up and then taking the chip lead by eliminating Bryan Huang in a span of thirty minutes.

Matched up against Mike Puno, who was the dominant chip leader for most of the final table, Cua did not back down, using plenty of aggression to grind away at Puno's stack until the two finally got both of their stacks in the middle.

On a board of {10-Clubs}{6-Spades}{k-Clubs}{4-Hearts}, Puno checked over to Cua, who bet out 50,000. Puno then retaliated by going all-in with {j-Clubs}{3-Clubs}. and Cua made the call, showing {10-Hearts}{9-Spades}. With one card to go, Puno was looking for another club or a jack, but the river did not provide either as the {9-Diamonds} showed up to give Cua two-pair and cement his win.

Cua's win keeps the APT Philippines title in its host country for the second straight year. Filipino pro Neil Arce was the champion in 2009, winning US $185,000 in prize money.

The entire APT Philippines 2010 main event was covered live by Asia PokerNews. To read about what happened from start to finish, visit the live reporting pages by clicking here.

The Asian Poker Tour will hold its next big event, APT Macau 2010, at City of Dreams from November 6 to 14. Buy-in is set at HK $32,500 + HK $2,500 (approximately US $4,180 + US $320).


1. Michael Cua – US $174,100 + APT Macau main event seat (worth US $4,500)
2. Mike Puno – US $89,100 + APT Macau main event seat (worth US $4,500)
3. Bryan Huang – US $39,500 + APT Macau main event seat (worth US $4,500)
4. Tracy Hugh – US $33,000
5. Li You Nan – US $27,500
6. Tony Albano – US $22,000
7. Lee Changhun – US $16,500
8. Stephen Lim – US $11,000
9. Ben Meredith – US $10,000

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