PokerNews Top 10: Songs to Get You Pumped Up for a Poker Tournament

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure just ended, but January is still jam-packed with poker tournaments all over the world — from Melbourne, Australia, for the Aussie Millions to Deauville, France, for the European Poker Tour at the end of the month, and everything in between. Because of the abundance of tournaments, we felt like it was our duty to get you pumped up to play your A-game — or try at least. After polling Team PokerNews, we've come up with 10 songs to add to your "get-pumped-up-for-the-tournament-I'm-going-to-crush" playlist. Good luck at the tables.

1. Eye of the Tiger — Survivor


This Rocky video is way more convincing than the official video that features the members of Survivor stomping their way into a warehouse to jam in front of a gold lamé sheet.

2. All I do is Win — DJ Khaled

"All I do is win, win, win, no matter what. Got money on mind, I can never get enough." Are there any other lyrics out there that are more pertinent to a poker player?

3. Taking Care of Business — Bachman Turner Overdrive

Poker players don't get up in the morning, they don't take a train to their grind station/local brick-and-mortar, nor do they get to work by nine, but they're certainly self-employed, and they take care of business. Minus the whole "working overtime" part, because, let's be honest, poker players have a hard time showing up, let alone staying for overtime.

4. Killing in the Name — Rage Against the Machine

The song is about racism in politics. We don't care. It gets the blood pumping. Just don't take the song title too literally if you suffer a bad beat while it's playing.

5. Public Service Announcement — Jay-Z

If you aren't nodding your head after "Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is HOV," then something is wrong with you. And you don't "check cheddar like a food inspector" either.

6. Machinehead — Bush

OK, we know this song's lyrics aren't motivational, but if this doesn't bring you back to your high school sports team's warm-up CD, and gets you pumped up, then we can't help you.

7. Pop Your Balloon — Beastie Boys

"You've got the press, and I've got the plates. We pressin' up twenties by the crate." If you get in the Mercier zone, it could seem like you're printing money at the tables.

8. Light Up — Drake

"Don't get impatient when it takes too long." This song is a bit more motivational than the others on this list, but you can still ignore the lyrics, zone out, and enjoy the bass line. The first line, "I've been up for four days, getting money both ways," is quite fitting, as well.

9. The Fighter — Gym Class Heroes

Gym Class Heroes met in — wait for it — gym class. A lot of poker players look like they should be in gym class when they're playing live — except it would be hard to pass the physical fitness test in that massive hoodie.

10. Pumped Up Kicks — Foster the People

Pumped up kicks. Huh? What? Did you say something? Sorry, we get into a trance when we listen to this song. Did he just say we better outrun his gun?

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