Stay Stacked: Multiple Personality Disorder - You've Got It!

We all have an internal dialogue, which can sometimes be our own worst enemy, working against us when we don't keep it in check — in everyday life, and at the poker table.

Stay Stacked is all about well-being for poker players. In a holistic sense, well-being is about eating and living well to promote good health, vitality, and in turn, a stronger game.

This episode of Stay Stacked features Jamie Glazier, a mental-game coach, and founder of Dare2Dream. Glazier discusses his concept of Multiple Personality Disorder, and how each and every one of us has it.

For your reference, here are the steps that were discussed in the video, to help you become aware of your thinking:

  • List 10 thoughts you had during that day
  • Label each with 1 or 2, depending on which 'self' it is
  • Observe which 'self' is most dominant
  • Rewrite each 'self 2' thought into a 'self 1' voice

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