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Take to the felt in the $10,000 PokerStars PokerNews League before it’s too late!

The top three places on the $10,000 PokerStars PokerNews League leaderboard have started to tighten up as the last three weeks are closing in.

"Kanabal18" is still out in front after an impressive few weeks but the consistent form of ”AJEI” has seen him skyrocket up the leaderboard to sit only a few points behind first place.

Last week’s league event was taken down by ”AJEI” and he received 21 points for taking down the $3+0.30 turbo event. ”AJEI” also received the lion’s share of a free added prize pool.

$10,000 PokerNews League Leaderboard


It may seem like it is too late to catch "Kanabal18," but his 64 points came after taking part in just three league events, and with three more events remaining in the league, it's definitely possible for you to make your dream a reality.

Weekly $10,000 PokerNews League Tournaments

8: Nov. 30 at 2100 EDT (0200 GMT) — $3+$0.3 PL 6-max ($100 added)
9: Dec. 7 at 2100 EDT (0200 GMT) — $3+$0.3 NL Deep Stack Full Ring ($100 added)
10: Dec. 14 at 2100 EDT (0200 GMT) — $3+$0.3 NL Heads-Up ($100 added)

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Team PokerStars Pros To Play In Your Leagues!

If you don’t already have enough reason to participate in the league, how about the fact that a number of Team PokerStars Pros will be taking to the felt in your league!

Not only will you be able to sit side-by-side with some of poker's most recognizable names, you also stand the chance of claiming their $200 bounty and the bragging rights of sending a Team PokerStars Pro to the rail!

Below is a list of the Team PokerStars Pros who are lined up to take to the felt and in which league they will be playing in.

LeagueDateTeam PokerStars Pro
PokerNews.comDecember 21Vicky Coren
Western EuropeanDecember 21Fatima Moreira de Melo
NordicsDecember 21Theo Jorgensen
Central EuropeDecember 21Richard Toth
IberianDecember 18Ana Marquez
Eastern EuropeanDecember 21Maxim Lykov
BalticsDecember 21Marcin Horecki

For your chance to play with one of the Team PokerStars Pros, download PokerStars through PokerNews and get involved in the amazing value leagues!

Players receive one point for participating in a league event, and the top 10 players receive the most points. See below for a breakdown of how league points are awarded.

League Point Payout Structure

PlaceLeague Points

Follow the leaderboard standings!

There are only three events left, but it is definitely not too late to start playing and this is mostly due to the wild card tournament.

The wild card tournaments gives players the opportunity to earn double points. This mean if you choose your wild card tournament wisely, then you could earn 42 points and make your way to the top of the league leaderboard in no time.

If you post some good results over the next couple of events, then you could be one of the top 27 players who will qualify for the PokerNews League Final.

The League Final will take place on Dec. 21 at 2100 EST (0200 GMT) and the top 18 finishers in that event will earn a share of the huge $10,000 league prize pool.

$10,000 League Final Payout Structures


The best thing about the $10,000 PokerStars PokerNews League is that it is open to players from all regions! All players need is a password which will be released on PokerNews 48 hours prior to each event.

In addition to the $10,000 PokerStars PokerNews League, there are also seven region-specific leagues which will also award huge cash to players thanks to PokerStars and PokerNews. The leagues are locked to players with accounts from the given region.

Players from these region-specific leagues also have the ability to take part in $10,000 PokerStars PokerNews League and the Australasian League, which is also open to all players.

Iberian League: The league features a $4,000 prize pool and is locked to players with accounts based in Portugal and Spain.

Western European League: The league features a $9,000 prize pool and is locked to players with accounts based in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Austria and the Netherlands.

Central European League: The league features a $9,000 prize pool and is locked to players with accounts based in Solvenia, Balkans, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Eastern European League: The league features a $9,000 prize pool and is locked to players with accounts based in Romania, Bulgaria, the Russian Federation, Poland and Ukraine.

Nordic League: The league features a $4,000 prize pool and is locked to players with accounts based in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Baltic League: The league features a $9,000 prize pool and is locked to players based in Estonia, Israel, Turkey, Lithuania and Latvia.

Australasian League: The league features a $5,000 prize pool and is targeted at players with accounts based in Japan, Korea, China, India and Australia. (This league is also open to everyone.)

If you would like to start playing the league but don’t yet have a PokerStars account, make sure to use the marketing code "POKERNEWS.COM" and the bonus code "STARS600" when signing up to PokerStars through PokerNews and you could be privy to a huge 100% up to $600 first-deposit bonus

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