Deep Stack Value Hits You in the Face at PKR

Deep Stack Value Hits You in the Face at PKR 0001

the best 3D software for poker in the industry, but that’s just one of the many reasons PKR has been voted poker operator of the year in two consecutive years by eGaming Review. What else is there on PKR, you ask? Well, let me give you some insight on what I found for myself, and why I chose that online poker room over many others.

As a big fan of deep-stack tournaments with small fields, it didn’t took long for me to get hooked by the great value PKR’s Deep Stack tournaments had to offer. The buy-in range is wide enough, so you can play deep-stacked for as little as $2 or you can get to the high-roller levels, where you can play for a $500 buy-in with the top players on the client.

The Deep Stack tournament structures are amazing, and the amount of rookies who play in them give a good edge to any advanced player, making it easier to notch deep runs consistently and reach the final table more often. The low buy-in tournaments feature between 150 and 500 players, but there are also special events with even deeper stacks and structures where you can see up to 2,000 players. The middle to high buy-in events ($20 to $150) usually gather between 90 and 350 players, and the prize money is structured very nicely giving you more than twice the buy-in, if you finish in the money. Here is a list with some of the daily deep stack tournaments on PKR:

PKR Daily Deep Stack Tournaments Schedule

NameBuy-inStarting stackBlindsGuaranteed Prize Pool
Low Roller$2.355,00012$500
Atlantis Deep Stack$5,505,00012$1,500
H.M.S Deep Stack$224,00010$1,500
Double Deuce DS$222,22215$1,500
Omaha Open DS$224,00011$1,800
Aussie Open DS$3310,00015$4,500
Welllbet's Home Game$364,00012$3,000
Monte Carlo$7710,00015$4,500

The interesting thing about some of these events is that on Saturday, they all have an even deeper structure and the starting chips are doubled. From time to time PKR offers all players a chance to participate in the higher buy-in events for half price in its Half Price Weekends.

Deep Stack Value Hits You in the Face at PKR 101

There is plenty of action for the players with bigger bankrolls of course, and the high roller tournaments are very juicy.

PKR Monthly and Weekly Deep Stack Tournament Schedule

NameBuy-inStarting chipsBlindsGuaranteed Prize Pool
The Main Event$3510,00030$27,000
Canadian Sunday Super Deep Stack$5520,00015$14,000
Ptime Time Friday Super DS$5520,00015$8,000
The Prestige$1095,00020$10,000
Friday High Roller$16210,00015$5,000
Sunday High Roller$16210,00015$10,000
PKR Master$2705,00020$100,000
The PKR 500$53010,00020$50,000

The PKR Main Event is a two-day tournament that takes place once a month. You can qualify for as little as $1. If you’ve got what it takes to survive to Day 2, and make it to the final table, it will be streamed live on

Traffic on PKR is very good for a room that has its own software. There are usually between 6,000 and 10,000 people online. The cash games are also very good and with the recent PKR 2.0 software update, you can now play on up to nine tables at once.

The VIP program is very generous and offers players a lot of benefits, such as participating in monthly freerolls and other special tournaments with added money. The special freerolls are dependent on your VIP level:

VIP LevelMonthly Freeroll Ticket Monthly Added Event
Member$1,000$500 added - $2.35 buy-in
Bronze$2,000$1,000 added - $8.80 buy-in
Silver$3,000$2,500 added - $16.50 buy-in
Gold+$5,000$5,000 added - $33 buy-in

If you are the type of player who hunts for deposit bonuses, I can assure you that PKR’s first deposit bonus is just the thing you are looking for. The bonus is released as a lump sum and you have 90 days to clear it, which is very generous.

If you sign up for a PKR account with PokerNews you're in for a real treat. There’s even more value because our bonus adds 20% on top of regular one.

You’ll also be able to take a shot at the upcoming $5,000 freeroll to win a seat at the 2012 World Poker Tour Dublin. This freeroll is exclusive to PokerNews players. Qualification is more than easy, and you could find yourself playing against 30 to 40 players for massive $5,000 WPT Dublin package. Don't miss the chance to make yourself one hell of a Christmas present this year!

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Launched in 2006, PKR was developed from the ground up as a fully immersive, 3D online poker experience. PKR delivers the speed and intensity of online poker with the added emotions and expressions found in a live game. PKR's unique “Emote Control” technology allows players to engage and interact in more personal, entertaining and immersive ways.

Poker RoomStandart BonusPokerNews BonusBonus CodeMin. DepositDownload
Deep Stack Value Hits You in the Face at PKR 102
100% up to $800 120% up to $800BGPN800$20Register now

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