High Rollers Event

Steicke Magic Missing Against McDonald

David Steicke has proven himself to be a bit of a swami over the last week but he made a misstep against Michael "Timex" McDonald. Steicke raised to 4,800 preflop and McDonald called out of the big blind. On a dry board of {5-Diamonds} {J-Hearts} {2-Clubs}, Steicke again bet 4,800 after McDonald checked. McDonald called to the {9-Hearts} turn, which both players checked. On the river {9-Diamonds}, McDonald fired out for 15,000. Steicke calmly surveyed the situation for about a minute then called. He couldn't beat {Q-Hearts} {J-Clubs}, the hand that McDonald turned over.

Don't cry for Steicke. He still has 192,000. McDonald now has 75,000.