High Rollers Event

River Kind To Nam Le

Nam Le
Nam Le limped in from the button, Quinn Do folded his small blind and Charles Chua checked his option in the big blind.

The flop landed {2-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{K-Spades} and Chua led out with a bet of 10,000. Le made the call. The {9-Spades} hit the turn and Chua fired out another bet of 15,000. Le called once more.

The {10-Diamonds} was the river and Chua fired a healthy third barrel worth 50,000. After a few minutes of thought Le announced a raise to 125,000. Chua called and Le flipped {K-?}{10-?} for a rivered two pair to better the {K-?}{2-?} of Chua.

Le is now out in front with 530,000 and Chua finds himself once again on the short stack.