APPT Macau Main Event

Sabat Turns Rags into Raches

In a battle of the blinds, Edward Sabat has emerged victorious. The pot was raised preflop by Sabat's opponent from the small blind and he called. The dealer burned and turned a board of {5-Hearts} {3-Spades} {A-Diamonds}. Sabat's opponent led out for 1,100, and Sabat opted to call. On the turn {8-Hearts}, Sabat's opponent led out for the rest of his stack. Sabat snap-called and tabled {8-Diamonds} {3-Diamonds} for a turned two pair. The small blind could only come up with {A-Spades} {Q-Clubs} for top pair, and did not improve with a river of {K-Diamonds}. He is out, and Sabat is up to 30,000.