APPT Macau Main Event

Overheard at the Tables

With many of the players in today's field having traveled to Macau specifically for this tournament, players are swapping travel tales.

"It was a complete and total bribe and extortion," said one player, referring to a shakedown by a police officer in Mexico. "Mexico's scary for the white skinny American who doesn't speak Spanish. I'm surprised we didn't die, it was that scary."

Others, like Terrence Chan, are just sort of bemused about being here at all. "This is what my life has come to," said Chan. "People are trying to hustle me in the cash games."

Hevad Khan isn't doing much talking, but he is drinking what looks like a beer but is apparently Red Bull. Drinking either beverage is in direct contravention of the tournament rules that specify no beverages on the tournament floor except water.

Tony Hachem has become reacquainted with a player at his current table who played at his table in the Main Event of the WSOP. "I was on your right," said Hachem's opponent.
"Oh right," said Hachem. "How'd you do?"
His opponent shrugged. "Nothing."
"Did you hear what happened to me?" asked Hachem. "It was so sick..."

Other players are discussing the "personal services" that are available here in Macau. Some choose to partake, others do not. "I'm not a big fan of the AIDS," said one player.