APPT Macau Main Event

Huang's Stone Bluff

Diwei Huang
It started out friendly enough. Diwei Huang limped in as first to act. After Charles Chua folded the button and Edward Sabat completed the small blind, Mikael Rosen tank-raised to 135,000. Huang, as next to act, reraised to 335,000. With the only audible sound being the "ding! ding!" of baccarat bells going off throughout the casino, Rosen gave Huang the stinkeye. Or maybe it was a Medusa stare, because Huang became still as stone, sitting with his hand over his mouth and betraying no emotion. Rosen continued to stare him down intently, sitting fairly still himself.

After three minutes of this, Huang called for a clock. MC Tony Dunst announced that Rosen had one minute to act. Rosen did not acknowledge this warning at all, continuing to stare Huang down. After another twenty seconds, he seemed to shake his head "no" slightly. Thirty seconds were called by Dunst and finally Rosen mucked.

Huang showed {7-Spades} {6-Spades} to the delight of the crowd. A spectator in the gallery called out, "Tricky, tricky!"