APPT Manila Main Event

Dinner Time

The players are now on a sixty-minute dinner break. We will return at 8:07pm local time to play two and a half more levels before calling it a day.

Lin Holding Steady

Celina Lin
Celina Lin
After chipping up early, Celina Lin has been treading water. She recently took down a raised three-way pot again Dimitrios Pappis and one other player by betting 3,000 into a 3,700-chip pot on a flop of {9-Hearts} {3-Diamonds} {J-Hearts}. Neither of her opponents wanted to play for that price..

Lin has about 16,000 in her stack as we approach the dinner break.

Ellis Eliminates Three!

Tasha Ellis
Tasha Ellis
Tasha Ellis is now a clear chip leader as we approach the dinner break after she just eliminated three players in the very same hand!

Two short stacks were all in preflop with {J-Hearts}{10-Spades} and {10-Clubs}{10-Hearts}, while APPT Seoul champion Yoshihiro Tasaka also moved all in with {9-Spades}{9-Diamonds}. Ellis had them all covered but needed to improve as she tabled {A-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}.

She certainly improved when the flop landed {A-Hearts}{2-Clubs}{8-Hearts} for a pair of aces and a commanding lead in the hand. With Tasaka crying for a nine, the turn was the {5-Hearts}, giving the short-stack with {J-Hearts}{10-Spades} a glimmer of hope for an unlikely victory with his flush draw. However the river bricked the {6-Spades} and Ellis sends all three opponents to the rail in sensational fashion to jump up to 85,000 chips!

Obst Sidesteps a Trap

A big part of playing winning poker is minimizing your losses. James Obst provided an excellent example of that in a recent battle of the blinds. He was in the big blind and checked after the small blind completed. The small blind check-called a bet of 600 on the {2-Spades} {5-Clubs} {3-Diamonds} flop, then check-called a bet of 1,000 when the turn fell {A-Spades}. On the river {A-Hearts}, the small blind checked again. Obst thought things over, then slowly tapped the felt to check behind. It was an excellent check -- his opponent showed {A-Clubs} {6-Spades} for trip aces that took down the pot.

Kings Strike Down on Parker Once Again

Chris Parker was spotted heading out the door and relayed his elimination story to us.

"It was my favorite hand...pocket kings!" said Parker.

All in preflop with his short stack against an opponent's {Q-?}{J-?}, the flop of {Q-?}{J-?}{6-?} was disastrous for Parker, giving his opponent two pair. The turn and river provided no miracles to bring his tournament to an end.

The Agony and the Ecstasy

The ecstasy: getting an opponent to commit himself all in with king-ten against your pocket queens.

The agony: a flop of {8-?} {K-?} {K-?}.

The ecstasy: turning a queen and ducking your opponent's bigger full house outs on the river.

That was the story of Dimitrios Pappis in a recent hand at Table 17. As a result of spiking his two-outer on the turn, Pappis sent a player to the rail and increased his chip count to about 42,000.

Nelson Playing Power Poker

Lee Nelson
Lee Nelson
Lee Nelson is still going strong in today's event. He recently taught a young opponent at his table about the power of the flop raise. With about 2,000 in from preflop raises, Nelson's opponent bet 1,000 from the small blind on a board of {A-Hearts} {3-Clubs} {J-Hearts}. Nelson raised that bet to 3,000, inducing a fold after a few thoughtful moments.

Roh Has a Liking for Manila

Our current chip leader is Chris Roh who obviously has a liking for big tournaments in Manila, with his only other major tournament result coming in this year's APT Manila event where he finished second to David Saab for a prize of $150,000.

Roh has 64,000 chips, with Natasha Ellis not far behind with around 50,000 and Melvin Matibag in third chip position with 46,000.

PokerNews Interview: Priscilla Meirelles, Miss Earth 2004


Well we don't have any World Champions in today's field, but one distinction today's field has over yesterday is that it features a Miss Earth! Priscilla Meirelles, Miss Earth in 2004, is proving very popular here today and attracting the attention of photographers as she has drawn the same table as Celina Lin.

The Brazilian-born model is a big poker fan and is progressing very well today with over 20,000 chips to be towards the top-end of our chip count leaderboard.

PokerNews presenter Melissa Castello recently caught up with Priscilla to chat about the game and her current table.