APPT Macau Main Event

New Lease for Cunz

Kris Cunz was riding high earlier in the day after doubling through Young Phan. Things haven't progressed as well since, with Cunz dropping to about 16,000 in chips. He may have felt he was in a good spot to make a move after one player opened to 1,200 and was called. Cunz, sitting with the button, re-raised al in for 14,925. That re-raise knocked out everyone back to the initial raiser.

That player casually tossed three yellows (T5,000) into the pot, taking us to a showdown.

Cunz: {K-Hearts} {8-Hearts}
Opponent: {5-Clubs} {5-Diamonds}

Cunz knocked the table. "Good call," he said. But it was a flip situation, the best thing Cunz could have hoped for after e was called. He won that flip on a board of {K-Clubs} {10-Diamonds} {7-Clubs} {9-Diamonds} {7-Diamonds}. He's back in contention with a stack of about 34,000.