APPT Macau Main Event

A Brutal Two Minutes for Team Australia

At one table, Van Marcus found himself in a strange hand with an opponent. Marcus opened with a raise and the opponent seemed to mean to call. But he threw in one chip too many and was forced by a floorperson to make at least a minimum raise. Marcus tried to take advantage by shipping all in when the action came back to him and was immediately snap-called. Marcus' {7-?} {7-?} was on the worse end of it against {k-Clubs} {k-Spades}. When no help arrived on board for Marcus, he was forced to pay off 34,650. That dropped his stack all the way to 14,000.

At the next table over, Dan Neilson was all in with the best starting hand, pocket aces, on a flop of {6-?} {2-?} {4-?}. His opponent, Kyle Cheong, tabled a pair and a gutshot straight draw, {5-?} {6-?}. Neilson's aces were still best when the turn came {J-?}, but the river {3-?} made a straight for Cheong and put an end to Neilson's day.

Cheong now has about 104,000 in chips.