APPT Macau Main Event

Quinn Do Doubles Up

Doubling up from 2,400 doesn't mean much when the blinds are 300 and 600 with an ante of 50, but every little bit helps. Quinn Do opened all in for 2,400 and was called by Josh Pang Ang.

"Chop?" Do jokingly offered Ang, moving to pull his bet back.

"I don't mind," Ang replied. "I'm behind."

Do: {A-Diamonds} {10-Diamonds}
Ang: {K-Hearts} {Q-Hearts}

Ang was indeed behind, and stayed behind on every street {5-Diamonds} {5-Hearts} {8-Clubs} {5-Spades} {10-Hearts}. Do's fives full of tens dragged the pot, giving him 5,800 chips.