Main Event

Aronov Doubles Without Ever Seeing a River Card


Jessica Ngu raised from middle position to 1,200 and Samuel Aronov called from the next seat. Kai Paulsen called from the cutoff seat and Daren Yoon called from the button. All four of them saw the flop come down {8-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{4-Hearts}. Ngu checked and Aronov checked. Paulsen fired 3,600 before Yoon folded. Ngu made the call and then Aronov called as well.

The turn card put the {J-Hearts} on board. Ngu was first again and she checked. Aronov, a PokerStars qualifier, checked and then Paulsen fired 5,200. Ngu asked Paulsen how much he had left before she moved all in, having both remaining players in the hand covered. Paulsen had about 22,000 left after he bet the turn. Aronov was up and went into the tank for several minutes. The other players at the table, namely Celina Lin, Raymond Wu, Nathanael Seet and Daren Yoon, began commenting on how long the hand was taking. Then after several minutes of thought, Aronov called all-in for 12,500. Paulsen got out of the way and then the unexpected happened.

Instead of showing down their hands before seeing the river card, Ngu tossed her hand into the muck. Aronov looked at her and also didn't turn his hand over. The other players at the table began looking at each other wondering what was happening. The dealer put the deck down and fanned it out before starting to push the pot towards Aronov. He won the hand and didn't have to show, but elected to show his {A-Diamonds}{A-Hearts} anyway to the table before raking in the pot.

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