Main Event

Happy Birthday on Day Two

• Level 7: 400-800, 100 ante

The introduction to the day has been made by the staff and the room has erupted with a singing of happy birthday to APPT President Danny McDonaugh. And with that, the cards are being dealt on Day 2.


Start in Five

The 128 returning players are currently scrambling into their seats. We expect play to begin just a touch behind schedule in around 5-minutes time. Make sure to check below for a full Day 2 table draw.

Here Comes Day 2 of APPT Cebu

Day 2 of APPT Cebu Set to Begin
Day 2 of APPT Cebu Set to Begin

After three day one flights, finally here we are on Day 2 of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour Cebu Main Event.

Yesterday saw the biggest field yet and made sure that this year's event with 246 players would beat out season four's field. That many players means that the all the players are chasing down a PHP5,927,000 first place prize.

Coming in to today's action it is Day 1b chipleader Antonio Martins who is best place to make a run at the title, while plenty of very talented players will be standing in his way.

A total of three Team PokerStars Pro's will be in the field today, with Raymond Wu, Celina Lin and Vivian Im all looking to solidify their names as some of the best players in Asia.

It's all set to begin in just a short while at 12:15 pm local time and the PokerNews Live Reporting Team will be here in the Waterfront Hotel and Casino every step of the way. Don't miss it.

Day 2 Table Draw

11Katsuhiro Muto20700
12Andrej Nagy31700
13Sam Lor64200
14Justin Chan50700
15Christopher Chau23300
16Tetsuya Tsuchikawa38700
17Mario Castro21200
18Philip Prentiss13600
19Andre Bouchard25900
21Amit Jain12700
22Vivian Im9400
23Craig Cockburn24900
24Antoine Amourette35700
25Kenneth Wong40600
26Pakinai Lisawad38500
27Florencio Campomanes45500
28Anthony Wright21200
29Christopher Edgar32700
31Antonio Martins119000
32Raymond Wu24100
33Song Wang26500
34Adam Monaghan57900
35Michael Kanaan47500
36Wei Zhong Kua99500
37Hung Sheng Lin19800
38Jae Kyung Sim54400
39Kenneth Leong90000
41Stewart Ballard32400
42Shang-te Ma12100
43Takayoshi Akimoto44800
44Martin Dahle14900
45Yujung Choi29100
46Karsten Nielsen30100
47Alvin Cheam33100
48Hui-chen Kuo49500
49Park Yu (sparrow) Cheung54000
51Hans Daniel Nordstrom61700
52Gap Young Kim16900
53Andrew Nguyen22900
54Sekiya Yosuke30900
55Shigehiro Makino23600
56Robert Browning56300
57Ping Yuan Wang21700
58Stefan Fransson25600
59Jarrod Glennon23400
61Nachman Berlin43000
62David Steicke37400
63Xiuming Huang29700
64Ted Wang44100
65Daniel Laidlaw6300
66Daren Yoon12000
67Edwin Marzan7100
68Jude Zambrano13300
69Andrey Kobov18900
71Carter Gill41600
72Octavian Voegele56300
73Benjamin Schopick15700
74Jesse Mckenzie19400
75James Bills18000
76Claudine Bernacer26300
77Danny Chevalier25000
78Sanneer Rattonsey42300
79Hoang Anh Do46900
81Janno Cazemier21200
82Ljubisa Nedimovic20500
83Julian Hasse97600
84Frederick Hallen12600
85Sebastien Clot30400
86Mishel Anunu64300
87Loo Junzhong55400
88Michael Kabristante3800
89Emi Hibuse63800
91Mikko Turtiainen37700
92Daejang Kim42700
93Dhanesh Chainani25900
94Han Ruo Goh84300
95Yipo Lee21800
96Steven Tegnelia27400
97Junichi Nakagiri1800
98Sang Yong Lee106400
99Nicholas Wong55000
101Amit Varma75500
102Yoke Wei Woon27500
103Kaveh Mohammadi15500
104Careme Joseph Sita33600
105Makoto Takahashi22700
106Yuri Ishida45300
107Takayuki Watanabe19700
108Celina Lin18000
109Kimmo Puusa72000
111Xue Bin Pang40800
112Cameron Duff39500
113Mikael Rozen13500
114Sergei Panuk18200
115Kostas Nikolaidis13600
116Roman Grigoryev42200
117Steven Smith17900
118Petr Glasko63000
119Rami Boukai28000
121Daniel Bang-ortmann66500
122Jacky Wang77900
123Chun Tat Lee30700
124Sangeeth Mohan37500
125Feng Zhao41800
126Kazuki Ikeuchi28400
127Jung Wei Huang20400
128Czardy Rivera30900
129Gurdeep Singh31800
131Daniel Palau Vicente50100
132Hyung Kook Shin29800
133Artyom Novikov61300
134Victor de Guzman70800
135Mani Rezaei600
136Edison Marzan36600
137Mike Marvanek22400
138Vyacheslav Poskonin32100
139Kuan Lung (Desmond) Ling36600
1310Linh Tran14800
141Charles Lam55800
142Hung Hui Lai74800
143Bobby Zhang27200
144Antonio Metaxiotis20200
145Wally Sombero75700
146Mark Anthony Ortiz33500
147Sungsik Bae50300
148Vincent Rubianes17000
149Paul Higgins7800
1410Bobo Chen67900
Main Event
Day 2 started