Main Event

Bring in the Accountants

Wally Sombero has fewer chips.
After Tricia David sent Andrew McGill to the rail a few minutes ago, she and Wally Sombero were comparing their stack sizes. David felt that she somehow did not have as many chips as she expected to have. Sombero felt that he had more chips than he would have expected. There was a short stack of chips that was kind of between the two players which the dealer had indicated were Sombero's.

As Sombero and David discussed the McGill elimination further, Sombero realized that the dealer pushed chips to him that actually belonged to David. Tournament Director Matt Savage was called over to the table and listened to the tale. With no dissent from any players at the table and with the dealer indicating that he felt Sombero might be correct, Savage awarded the chips to David.

Sombero and David know each other quite well and had a good laugh about the incident. No hard feelings there.