Main Event

Chino Chips Up

Chino chipping away
David "Chino" Rheem limped from the cutoff following two callers, including Curtis Chang. The blinds came along and checked it round to Chang, who led out for 1,700 on a flop of {Q-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}. Rheem made the call and the remaining players folded.

The turn fell the {K-Hearts} and Chang made it 1,800, putting Rheem into the tank for two minutes before he eventually splashed the pot with a raise to 6,300. Chang twisted and turned in his chair looking visibly distraught before calling the additional 4,500.

Chang led for 3,000 when the {K-Clubs} fell on the river, and as Rheem re-checked his cards he then slid a stack of yellow 1000-chips into the pot indicating a raise to 12,000. It took Chang some time but he eventually laid his hand down to see Rheem rake in the pot sending him to over 58,000 in chips.