Main Event

Kwang Soo Lee Sent Home by Huang

Sent home by Huang
Bryan Huang opened with a raise from middle position and was met with a reraise from Kwang Soo Lee on his immediate left. Huang put in another raise and Lee moved all in.

Priced in to call, Huang called the remaining few thousand and tabled {8-Clubs}{7-Clubs} to be up against Lee's {A-Clubs}{J-Hearts}.

The flop came down {6-Spades}{8-Hearts}{K-Hearts}, putting Huang in the lead. The crowd gathered around to join in the excitement. Huang and good friend Ivan Tan saw the {Q-Spades} fall on the turn followed by the {3-Hearts} on the river.

As another Poker Pack member hit the rail, Huang soared up the leaderboard to stack his chips up to over 77,000 and some change.