Main Event

Day 3 Over, We Have a Final Table!


Day 3 is finally over as the final nine for tomorrow's TV table has been set!

Mike Puno and Bryan Huang dominated throughout the second half of the day and they end up as our top two chip leaders, with Mike taking the overall lead with 863,000 after that last hand.

The chips have all been bagged up and the players are now headed to the party, where they will enjoy a night of fun before coming back tomorrow to resume the action at 2:00 pm.

See you all tomorrow!

Chip Counts
Mike Puno 863,000 293,000
Bryan Huang sg 828,000 148,000
Lee Changhun 415,000 40,000
Li You Nan 319,000 139,000
Ben Meredith 245,000 25,000
Tonypet Albano 244,000 -56,000
Stephen Lim 195,000 95,000
Tracy Hugh 151,000 41,000
Michael Cua 146,000 -84,000