Main Event

Neil's Stack Comes Crashing Down

Mike Puno
Mike Puno

Defending champion Neil Arce is now on life support after taking a huge hit against Mike Puno.

Pre-flop, Mike made a raise to 4,200 and Neil called. The flop came queen-high and Mike bet 7,000. Neil then made it 10,000 more and Mike made the call.

When a jack landed on the turn, Mike checked over to Neil, who bet a little over 20,000. Mike then re-raised to about 45,000, prompting Neil to declare all-in. To his surprise, Mike instantly called and the cards were tabled:

Mike: {q-}{q-}
Neil: {j-}{j-}

Neil thought he was about to knock out another player after hitting a set of jacks on the turn, but he was the one who ended up being in trouble after his opponent showed that he had hit his bigger set on the flop!

The river blanked out, giving Mike a huge double-up to about 255,000 and sending Neil's stack to less than 5,000.

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Finnish Player Finishes Off Opponent


We caught up with the table where Joni Salo had {A-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts} against an all-in opponent with {6-Clubs}{6-Hearts}

The flop showed {4-Clubs}{A-Hearts}{K-Hearts} as the player with the pocket sixes grimaced and felt the end was near. Indeed, it was as the turn {8-Spades} and river{9-Spades} blanked and he busted out.

Salo, who's representing Finland, stays in contention as he got the nice pot worth around 16000.

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Somyung Sim Keeps Rolling

Somyung Sim
Somyung Sim

We didn't catch what happened, but Charles "Mr. Macau" Chua has just busted out of Day 2 after going all-in pre-flop and getting called by chip leader Somyung Sim.

According to onlookers, Charles held {a-}{q-} and was up against his opponent's {a-}{k-}.

It was looking good for Charles as the flop brought a queen but a king on the turn helped Somyung seize the lead again.

The river blanked out and Charles, who was one of the biggest stacks heading into today, is now on the rail while Somyung is at a monstrous 305,000 in chips.

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Tran Takes Hit But Still Among Leaders


Pre-flop, J.C. Tran, who is among the chip leaders so far raised 3200, which was immediately called by Michael Cua.


Tran fired once again with 4000 but for the second time, Cua immediately made the call. Obviously the pair of 8's on the board did not scare him at all.

Both checked at the turn {9-Spades} as Cua raised after the river {3-Spades}

After tanking a little bit, Tran got away from his hand as Cua showed {A-}{A-}

Despite losing this one, Tran is still among the players with big stacks. For Cua, he's slowly but surely heating up.

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Ed Marcelo Busts Out

Ed Marcelo
Ed Marcelo

We've lost another Filipino player in Ed Marcelo, who went all-in with his short stack holding {k-Spades}{10-Spades} and getting a caller holding {a-Hearts}{q-Clubs}.

The bigger-stacked player hit immediately as the flop came {3-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}, leaving Ed in need of runner-runner to stay alive.

He got blanks instead as the turn and river brought the {6-Diamonds} and {3-Spades}, respectively, sending him to the rail.

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Girl Power

Tracy Hugh
Tracy Hugh

Everybody rushed over to Table 3 as the last woman standing in the tournament, the Poker King Club's Tracy Hugh, was all-in pre-flop for her tournament life against Charles "Mr. Macau" Chua.

Tracy: {10-Spades}{10-Diamonds}
Charles: {a-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}

A jack came on the flop of {10-Clubs}{j-Clubs}{8-Diamonds} but so did a ten, giving Tracy a set and giving her a big lead in the hand.

Running queens on the turn and river only improved her hand to a boat and she is now up to about 50,000 in chips.

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Chip Count Update

Somyung Sim 192,000 34,000
Tommy Le us 140,000 25,000
JC Tran us 138,000 -27,000
Mike Takayama ph 127,000 9,000
Mike Puno 124,000 4,000
Tonypet Albano 98,000 40,000
Alan Escano 87,000 5,000
Neil Arce ph 86,000 -34,000
Bryan Huang sg 81,000 -2,000
Sae Jin Lee 77,000 35,000
Nam Le us 76,000 16,000
Andy Asihwardji 59,000 28,000
Charles Chua 55,000 -6,000
Alex Pagulayan 53,000 -2,000
Kai Paulsen 52,000 37,000
Ramil Tandoc 35,000 8,275
Mark Amparo 35,000 -6,825

Tens are Enough for Tao Jin

Tao Jin
Tao Jin

Pre-flop, Tao Jin made a raise to 2,600 and got two callers, including Neil Arce.

When the flop came {5-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}, Tao bet out 4,000 and Neil made the call. The small blind, meanwhile, decided to fold his hand.

Turn: {9-Diamonds}

Tao checked over to Neil, who fired out a bet of 10,000. After thinking for a while, Tao made the call.

Both players then checked down the river of {8-Spades} and Neil mucked his hand after Tao showed {10-}{10-} for the pocket pair.

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Lucky Jacks for Henry Lim


We caught up to the action on one of the far tables with local player Henry Lim all-in on a flop of {5-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{q-Spades}. His lone opponent tanked for a while before finally making the call.

Henry: {j-Spades}{j-Diamonds}
Opponent: {10-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}

Both had gotten pocket pairs with runner-runner straight draws but it was Henry's pocket jacks that were ahead.

The turn was a meaningless {4-Diamonds} and the river {j-Clubs} did nothing except improve Henry's hand.

He is now at about 31,000.

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