Main Event

Tripling Up Before the Break

Li You Nan

Li You Nan, who won the FHM MSW Head Hunter side event last night, just tripled his stack after waking up with kings.

Pre-flop, big stack Vic de Guzman raised and got a flat call from Li. A short stack then shoved all-in with his remaining chips and action went back to Vic, who made the call. To everybody's surprise, Li declared he was all-in as well! Vic thought about it for a while before declaring "call", and we were in for a three-way:

Vic: {10-}{10-}
Li: {k-}{k-}
Opponent: {j-}{j-}

Li was way ahead with pocket kings and the board blanked out for all three players to give him a virtual triple-up and eliminating the short stack.

Vic, meanwhile, is now down to about 9,000.

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