Main Event

The Champ Doesn't Intimidate Tao Jin

Tao Jin

Pre-flop, Tao Jin made a raise to 400 and got callers in defending APT Philippines champ Neil Arce and another player in middle position.

Flop: {8-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{3-Hearts}

After the first three cards came, Tao bet out 850 and Neil made the call while the other player folded.

When the turn brought the {7-Spades}, it was the same story as Tao bet 1,600 and Neil flat-called again.

On the {k-Diamonds} river, though, Tao stepped on the gas just a little harder and bet out 4,750. Since a call and loss would put his stack in serious danger, Neil tanked for a while to consider his options. He finally decided the better of it and folded his hand, sending the chips Blondie's way.

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