Main Event

No Joy Here

Henry Lim

Joy So's run in the 2010 APT Philippines has unhappily ended. Especially of course if you're holding the big slick before you went out.

As the hand went down to the Joy So (low-jack position) versus Henry Lim (cutoff). Pre-flop, So raised to 600 which is to be called by Lim.

Flop: {Q-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{8-Clubs}

Acting first, Lim forced So to go all-in by betting 2000. So did just that as she showed {J-}{J-} but Lim's {A-}{k-} was still a threatening hand with a straight draw.

The turn {7-Clubs} had no help for Lim but the river {J-Spades} gave him the straight which was too much So's trips.

We are now down to 105 players.

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