Main Event

Wally Sombero Doubles Up

Wally Sombero

Wally Sombero, widely considered as the "Godfather of Philippine Poker", has just gotten back into contention after doubling up his short stack.

Pre-flop, a raise and re-raise sequence ended up with Wally shoving all-in and a lone opponent making the call.

Wally: {9-}{9-}
Opponent: {a-}{k-}

Wally was ahead with the pocket pair and put a stranglehold on the hand as the flop came {j-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{8-Spades} to give him a set.

It was all over by the turn as the {j-Hearts} landed, improving him to a full house.

The meaningless river {2-Clubs} was dealt and Wally raked in the chips to double to about 33,000.

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