Main Event

Dinnertime Chip-up for Bryan Huang

Bryan Huang

Bryan Huang has taken out a shorter stacked player from his table.

On a flop of {5-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{q-Hearts}, the player bet out 8,800. Bryan then declared all-in, sending the other player into a tanking session.

After a while, the player decided that Bryan was on a flush draw and called with his second pair, showing {10-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}.

He was right, Bryan did have a flush draw. Unfortunately for him, Bryan also had second pair but a higher kicker, showing {10-Hearts}{9-Hearts}.

The turn came the {6-Hearts} to complete Bryan's flush and the player made his exit just as the meaningless {k-Clubs} was dealt on the river.

We are now on a dinner break.

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