Event 1: $1,100 No Limit Hold'em

King, Ace, Please Mate!

Preflop, the hijack made 3,600 and Sherif Derias, who was the next player to act, went into the tank before firing out 10,000. Action folded back to the hijack who called, making it a large pot preflop.

The {k-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} flop saw both players check, as did the {2-Diamonds} turn. The river was the {A-Spades} and after thinking a while the hijack checked again. This time Derias thought a little before flicking out a value bet of 4,000.

Turns out it wasn't value enough as his opponent folded. "Gotta be Kings full" said Emad Tahtouh who was seated to Derias' left.

He was close to the mark. Derias rolled over {7-Clubs}{7-Hearts} for Sevens full of Deuces.

"I was like King sweet, Ace please mate", said Derias regretting that his trap didn't suck his opponent in.