Event 1: $1,100 No Limit Hold'em

Saab Knows His Opponents

Saab has done his scouting
Ben Delaney had opened to 2,800 from the cutoff and his opponent in the small blind was considering making the call.

David Saab, not involved in the hand and true to his usual form, looked at the player considering the action and asked, "Has he been making a lot of steals?"

This prompted the small blind to move all in over Delaney, forcing a fold from the top ranked Australian online player.

Saab was warned by the dealer at the end of the hand for influencing the play. Not deterred Saab was back with the chat just a little while later asking Delaney if he plays online. Delaney's response was no.

Ben Delaney's just the top ranked online player in Australia.