Event 13: $5,300 Australian Heads Up Championship

Bruno Portaro: 1 vs. Sammy Youssef: 1

Sammy Youssef has managed to peg one back after getting his money in good with {a-?}{2-?} against Bruno Portaro's {10-?}{6-?}.

Portaro managed to spike two pair on the flop of {2-?}{6-?}{10-?}, but Youssef hit the ace on the river to go 1-all.

"If my kids see I lost to Bruno, what am I going to say?" Youssef joked.

Grant Levy: 0 vs. Barry Woods: 1

Grant Levy had taken a battering in Game 1, then finally moved the last of his money into the middle with {q-Hearts}{5-Hearts} but ran into Barry Woods' {a-?}{7-?}.

The board was spread {a-?}{3-?}{3-?}{k-?}{7-?} and it's advantage USA.

George Moussa vs. Andrew Brown - CHOP!

George Moussa and Andrew Brown had their money in the middle with a board that read {7-?}{8-?}{9-?}{10-?}{j-?} and we got there as the cards were tabled:

Brown: {a-Spades}{6-Clubs}
Moussa: {7-Spades}{5-Clubs}

Both players were playing the board, so they're still having at it in Game 1.

Bruno Potaro: 1 vs. Sammy Youssef: 0

As we passed by table 63, Bruno Portaro told us he has managed to go 1-0 up against Sammy Youssef.

"I got lucky," Portaro said. As he recalled, he got his money in with {k-?}{q-?} but ran into Youssef's {a-?}{k-?}.

However the flop came down {a-?}{q-?}{q-?}, giving Portaro trips which held all the way down the rest of the board.

Who's Here Today?

The Crown staff are still waiting on a few people to arrive, but already a few of the Round 1 pairings are underway:

Table 11
Martin Gudvangen vs. Daniel Stern

Table 12
Jamie Pickering vs. James Darnaby

Table 18
Grant Levy vs. Barry Woods

Table 55
Kyle Cheong vs. Emmanuel Seal

Table 63
Bruno Portaro vs. Sammy Youssef

Please Hold ...

We're still waiting on the draw to be finalised - bear with us, we should be underway soon.

Welcome to the Crown Aussie Millions $5,300 Australian Heads Up Championship!

Welcome to the Crown Aussie Millions $5,300 Australian Heads Up Championship!
Welcome to the Crown Aussie Millions $5,300 Australian Heads Up Championship!
It's Australia Day in this here land down under, and we're back at Crown Casino in Melbourne to bring you the next event on the 2010 Aussie Millions schedule - the $5,300 Australian Heads Up Championship!

Up to 64 players will be putting up the cheese to take part in the ultimate heads-up showdown of ultimate destiny.

The rules are simple - you play one more opponent, best of three games. If you lose, you're out. If you win, you progress through to the next round, and so on, until there's one player left.

Sounds easy? Maybe. However, we're sure to see them fighting tooth and nail for the title - so tuned as we bring you exclusive coverage in around 30 minutes' time.