Event 3: $1,100 Limit Hold'em
Event 3: $1,100 Limit Hold'em
Day 1 completed

That'll Be All She Wrote!

Simon Morris (pictured) is the man to catch!
Simon Morris (pictured) is the man to catch!
The chips are bagged and tagged, the players are off to bed and Day 1 of the $1,100 Limit Hold'em event has come to a close.

90 players took to the felt today, but it is these nine men below who are in the money and are ever closer to putting their name on the Aussie Millions honor roll:

Seat 1: Simon Morris - 112,000
Seat 2: Ciaran Carter - 15,500
Seat 3: Jan Suchanek - 109,000
Seat 4: Steve Krmpotic - 44,000
Seat 5: Josh Wilson - 25,500
Seat 6: David Steicke - 33,000
Seat 7: Jim Sachinidis - 22,000
Seat 8: Kerry Stead - 11,500
Seat 9: Amit Sheth - 69,000

Of course, with every tournament we must remember those who went before them - amongst the fallen Australians include Trung Tran, Jamie Pickering, Mel Judah, Leo Boxell and Gary Benson.

The international contingent also had its fair share of casualties, including Dan Shak, Barny Boatman, Josh "JJProdigy" Field and Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad.

We'll be back tomorrow from 4:00 p.m. AEDST to bring you the conclusion of Event #3, live and exclusive, here on PokerNews. Be sure to join us then!

Dix Out on the Bubble; Final Table Set

13 long hours after play began, we have ourselves a final table. Michael Dix, who had miserable deck coop. during the last few levels of play, was eliminated on the bubble by Simon Morris. Here's how the final hand went down:

David Steicke limped into the pot from early position and the action folded around the table to Morris who raised. Jan Suchanek made the call from late position and when the action reached Dix in the blinds, he moved all in for his last 5,300. Steicke made the call as well and we had a three-way sidepot with Dix all in heading into the flop: {J-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{K-Hearts}

Steicke was first to act and checked. Morris fired a bet that prompted Suchanek to fold, but Steicke stuck around to see the turn -- {8-Hearts}.

On 4th Street, Steicke checked, Morris bet, and Steicke called one more bet, taking the hand to the river -- {3-Clubs}.

Steicke check-folded to another Morris bet, and at the showdown, Morris quickly tabled a pocket pair of aces.

Dix, who hadn't looked at his cards before shoving all in, turned over the {9-Diamonds} first and then squeezed the {K-Diamonds} making two pair, but to no avail. Morris raked in the pot, climbing to 112,000 in chips to end the day.

Tank Call, Tank Fold

Jan Suchanek opened with a raise from the hijack position and was called by both Josh Wilson (button) and David Steicke (big blind).

The flop came down {4-Spades}{J-Spades}{9-Diamonds} and Steicke checked, Suchanek bet, Wilson called and Steicke (surprisingly) folded.

The turn brought the {4-Diamonds} and Suchanek checked to Wilson who bet. Suchanek then check-raised and Wilson tank-called.

The river brought the {Q-Spades} and Suchanek fired a quick bet, sending Wilson back into the tank. After some serious deliberation and a pump-fake fold, Wilson eventually sent his cards face down into the muck pile, surrendering the hand to Suchanek.

"You can pick one," Suchanek offered Wilson, who took him up on the offer, turning over the {J-Clubs}.

After the hand, Suchanek stacked up just under 80,000 in chips while Wilson fell to 45,700.

Dix in Dire Straits

Josh Wilson raised from UTG +1 and the action folded to Michael Dix who made the call before the others got out of the way.

Dix then folded after Wilson led out on the flop of {10-Spades}{8-Spades}{6-Hearts}. Jim Sachinidis leaned over in Wilson's direction and said, "Show us your bluff."

Wilson turned up pocket nines - clearly not that much of a bluff. Wilson is up to 65,000 while Dix is on a diabolical stack of 9,000 in chips.

"Mr. Morris, Tear Down This Wall!"

David Steicke has just clashed with Simon Morris and as a result is down to 36,500 in chips.

Amit Sheth raised before the flop, Morris reraised and the action folded around to Steicke in the big blind, who fired out the four-bet. The others called to see a flop of {j-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{k-Clubs}.

Steicke and Sheth checked, Morris led out and Steicke was the only caller. Steicke then bet on the turn of the {10-Hearts}; Morris called and then Steckie check-called Morris' bet on the river {q-Clubs}.

Steicke mucked after Morris showed {a-Hearts}{K-Diamonds} for Broadway. Morris' name is in lights now, sitting on top of the chip counts with 90,000 and change.