Event 5: $1,650 No Limit Hold'em w/ Bounties

Congratulations to Jonathan Karamalikis; Event No. 5 Champion (AUD $122,700)!

Jonathan Karamalikis - Event No. 5 Champion!
When the day began, Jonathan Karamalikis was second in chips behind Jason Gray. Karamalikis powered through his table in the shootout portion of the tournament to claim the chip lead going into the final table.

Known as a very successful player online where he goes by "xMONSTERxDONGx" and "MONSTER_DONG", Karamalikis was viewed by many as a heavy favorite given the format of the final day. With essentially only having to play two sit-n-gos more, Karamalikis liked his chances. After eliminating a few players at his starting table for the day, the youngster quickly amassed a stack of 758,000. That was good enough to have the chip lead at the final table.

Both Luke Abolins and Mick Norton busted shortly into the start of the final table before things slowed down a bit. David Steicke took control of most of the action early, but after a few big hands with Karamalikis, soon gave back the chip lead. Steicke eventually went on to finish in 4th place, scoring his second 4th-place finish of the series.

Karamalikis held a big lead on the final two players in his way - Steve Friedlander and David Lacchia. After Lacchia busted at the hands of Friedlander, heads-up play took only a few hands before Karamalikis finished things off.

After flopping top pair on a jack-high board, Karamalikis had Friedlander and his middle pair drawing very slim. The turn and river both blanked and the railbirds erupted in cheer for Karamalikis, who was quickly embraced in a big hug from his father.

Karamalikis scored his first major live win and pocketed himself $122,700 AUD. Congratulations to him on the victory and thanks for following the coverage on PokerNews.

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