Event 6: $1,100 H.O.R.S.E.

Matt Grapenthien Eliminated in 8th Place (AUD $2,275)

Matt Grapenthien Eliminated in 8th Place (AUD $2,275)
Omaha Hi-Lo

Matt Grapenthien raised preflop from under the gun, Andrew Brown called and the action folded around to John Joannou who called from the small blind to go three ways to a flop of {2-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{q-Spades}.

Joannou led out, Grapenthien raised all in, Brown called and Joannou also called before leading out into a sidepot with Brown after the dealer produced the {9-Diamonds} on the turn.

Brown called Joannou's bet, then called again after he led out on the river {4-Diamonds}. Joannou tabled {a-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} - it was good enough to get both players to muck.

Brown is still in but you can tell by the heading of this update that Grapenthien is not - instead, he's now off to the cage to collect his cash for eighth place.