Event 7: $1,150 No Limit Hold'em w/ Rebuys

Moaref is the Bubble Boy

From the small blind, Emad Moaref raised to 3,900. James Obst was in the big blind and reraised to 10,500. Moaref moved all in and Obst made the call.

Moaref was the at-risk player holding {Q-Hearts} {J-Diamonds}. Obst held {A-Diamonds} {J-Hearts} and was in dominating position to send everyone home for the night.

The flop came down {A-Hearts} {K-Clubs} {2-Hearts} and Obst added a pair of aces. The door wasn't shut on Moaref though, as he picked up a straight draw to broadway.

The turn card was the {Q-Diamonds} and now Moaref could chop with a ten or win with another queen. But it wouldn't be in the cards for the shorter-stacked Moaref when the {9-Clubs} peeled off on the river.

Obst's pair of aces were best and he sent Moaref home on the bubble to end the night. Obst finished with 194,600 chips.