Event 9: $10,500 Aussie Millions Main Event

"I'll give you the big.... blind... special.... all through the night."

A little Tender Loving Care, reference for you... Man, Chilli was hot. Anyway, back to the pokers.

Tyler Netter and Joe Hachem were back at it moments ago, with Hachem winning another significant pot.

Action folded around the table to Netter on the button who opened with a raise to 600. Hachem made the call from the big blind and the flop came {8-Hearts}{5-Spades}{5-Hearts}.

Hachem then fired bets on the flop (600), turn {J-Diamonds} (1,600) and river {Q-Spades} (2,800), all of which were called by Netter, who tossed his cards into the muck pile after Hachem tabled {5-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} for trips at the showdown.

After the hand, Hachem stacked up 25,700 in chips while Netter fell back down to 13,900.