Main Event

Johnny "Three Barrels" Lodden

Johnny Lodden
Johnny Lodden

Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden took a break from FIFA 12 on his I-Pad to raise to 3,200 under the gun and Andras Kovacs called in the cutoff seat. The flop was {K-Hearts} {Q-Diamonds} {7-Hearts} and Lodden c-bet for 5,800 and the dark-shade wearing Kovacs made the call. The turn was the {5-Spades} and Lodden pulled back the trigger and shot 13,600 into Kovacs. Kovacs remained stoic and called the bet. The final card in this hand was the interesting {K-Clubs} and Lodden completed his three-barrels with a 22,600 bet. This time Kovac seemed a little phased and indeed he spent a good few minutes in thought mode before eventually mucking his hand.

Johnny Lodden 138,000 37,000
Andras Kovacs 125,000 -27,000

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Break Time

• Level 11: 600-1,200, 100 ante

We are having our last break of the day.

A Check-Raise Works For Kotsaris

Kevin MacPhee raised to 2,500 in the cutoff and both blinds were defended by Anastasios Kotsaris (SB) and Michail Manolakis (BB). The flop was {K-Hearts} {10-Diamonds} {2-Hearts} and MacPhee c-bet 3,800 when the action checked over to him. Kotsaris was next to act and he check-raised to 8,100 and both players folded.

Anastasios Kotsaris 150,000

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Mikhail The Mouth - Silenced

Mikhail Korotkikh has just been eliminated and he didn't make a sound!

Peter Dragar raised to 3,500 in early position and Nikolaos Karaloykas called on the button before Korotkikh moved all-in from the big blind for 46,000. Dragar made the call and Karaloykas tank-folded.

Dragar{Q-Hearts} {Q-Clubs}
Korotkikh{10-Hearts} {10-Diamonds}

Board: {K-Diamonds} {7-Diamonds} {6-Hearts} {5-Hearts} {2-Clubs}

Dragar is now up to 157,000

Peter Dragar 157,000 75,000
Mikhail Korotkikh Busted

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He's on the Vampage

David Vamplew is on the comeback after winning a sizeable pot just towards the end of the level. Walid Bou-Habib opened to 2,600 from UTG. Vamplew made the call a couple of streets down and Ander Rezola also called from late postion.

Flop: {Q-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{7-Hearts}

All three players took their time but each checked.

Turn: {7-Spades}

Bou-Habib checked a second time, Vamplew bet 5,500 and Rezola made the call as did Bou-Habib.

River: {J-Diamonds}

Bou-Habib checked again and Vamplew thought for a minute before betting 14,000 with just a few thousand behind, Rezola tanked for a couple of minutes but then folded while Bou-Habib quickly called. Vamplew showed {J-Hearts}{J-Spades} and took down a healthy pot.

David Vamplew 60,000 5,000

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Stack In Excess of 150k

Here are the stacks that exceed 150,000 as we approach the end of level 11.

Toni Judet 315,000 26,000
Grudi Grudev 220,000 35,000
Igal Augarten 190,000 35,000
Roman Makhlin 185,000 23,000
Theofanis Poziopoylos 170,000 30,000
Dimitris Mpinas 165,000 43,000
Rupert Elder 163,000 63,000
Pim Van Riet 160,000 106,000
Ilias Zografos 155,000 3,000
Jacques Torbey 153,000 -18,000
Anastasios Kotsaris 150,000 15,000

Tom Marchese Eliminated

• Level 11: 600-1,200, 100 ante
Tom Marchese's empty seat.
Tom Marchese's empty seat.

Tom Marchese, who won his seat online but never came, has been knocked out. He made it 30 minutes into level 11, so well done for that!

Romanello Goes Angheling

Paul-Silviu Anghel opened to 3,600 and then called Roberto Romanello's three-bet to 8,900 from the button.

Both players checked the {K-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{5-Spades} flop before the Romanian led out for 8,000 on the {2-Spades} turn. Romanello called to see the {K-Spades} river and Anghel checked, the Welshman set him all in for his last 18,000.

Anghel thought for a minute and called, Romanello showing {A-Hearts}{A-Diamonds} which won since Anghel flashed {10-Hearts}{10-Spades} into the muck.

Roberto Romanello 110,000 33,000
Paul-Silviu Anghel Busted

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These Guys Are Not Winning An EPT

The latest batch of gonners.

Erik Hellman Busted
Marek Popielarz Busted
Karl Davitt Busted
Ignacio Herrera Busted
Rien Wijermars Busted