Main Event

Mozdzen Chips Up Through Karmazinas


Dominykas Karmazinas opened with a raise from under the gun to 16,000. Clayton Mozdzen made the call on the button and everyone else folded. The dealer ran out the {A-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{3-Clubs} flop and Karmazinas continued with a bet of 19,000. Mozdzen made the call.

The {J-Spades} was placed on the turn and Karmazinas stayed on the gas, betting 39,000. Mozdzen called once again.

A fourth club came on the river as the {Q-Clubs} landed and Karmazinas checked. Mozdzen bet 78,000 with 340,000 behind. Karmazinas folded and Mozdzen showed the {10-Diamonds}.

Player Chips Progress
Dominykas Karmazinas lt
Dominykas Karmazinas
lt 625,000 -79,000
Clayton Mozdzen ca
Clayton Mozdzen
ca 586,000 149,000

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