€10,000 High Roller

Romanello Climbing Back


Roberto Romanello let us know abot a recent hand that happened to knock him down to about 10,000 in chips. It's a situation he seemed a bit familiar with as a similar thing happened in the Main Event a couple days ago on Day 1.

Kristijonas Andrulis had opened, Romanello three-bet, and then Benny Spindler reraised with a four-bet. After Andrulis folded, Romanello five-bet. Spindler six-bet all in, and Romanello called with two kings. Spindler held {A-}{7-}, and he spiked an ace on the flop to win the pot.

That knocked Romanello down to 10,000 in chips, and that's where he has been grinding away. Currently, Romanello sits on about 14,000.

Chip Counts
Benny Spindler de 87,000 38,000
14,000 -36,000

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