€10,000 High Roller

Six on the River Spells Doom for Reinkemeier

Tobias Reinkemeier on Day 1.

Action folded to Dan O'Brien in the small blind and he raised to 3,200. Tobias Reinkemeier then moved all in from the big blind for 33,400, and after thinking about it for a minute, O'Brien made the call.

Reinkemeier: {K-Spades}{Q-Clubs}
O'Brien: {5-Spades}{6-Spades}

Reinkemeier seemed surprised to be ahead, but he wasn't thrilled to see O'Brien drawing live to low cards. The {A-Clubs}{A-Spades}{2-Clubs} flop was safe enough for Reinkemeier, as was the {7-Clubs} turn; in fact, that card gave the German a flush draw and took away a bunch of O'Brien's outs. Reinkemeier seemed to have a double in the bag, but then the {6-Diamonds} spiked on the river to pair O'Brien.

A shell-shocked Reinkemeier stared at the board for a moment and then took his leave from the tournament.

Player Chips Progress
Dan O'Brien us
Dan O'Brien
us 230,000 133,000
Tobias Reinkemeier de
Tobias Reinkemeier
de Busted

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