€10,000 High Roller

Barnes Crippled; Yaroshevskyy Doubles


Igor Kurganov raised to 16,000 from middle position, and Brandon Barnes reraised to 35,000 in the cutoff seat. Action folded to Igor Yaroshevskyy in the big blind, and he reraised to 55,000. Kurganov folded, but Barnes made the call to take a flop.

Barnes had position on Yaroshevskyy as the dealer spread out the {Q-Spades}{J-Hearts}{9-Clubs} flop. Yaroshevskyy tossed out 35,000, and Barnes made the call.

The {10-Diamonds} came on fourth street, and Yaroshevskyy slid all his chips forward for an all-in bet worth 139,000. With a stack of 158,000, Barnes called. He tabled the {9-Diamonds}{8-Spades} for the low end of the straight, but Yaroshevskyy held the high end with the {K-Hearts}{J-Spades}.

The river ended the hand with the {4-Diamonds}, and Barnes was crippled all the way down to just 19,000 in chips.

Player Chips Progress
Igor Yaroshevskyy ua
Igor Yaroshevskyy
ua 487,000 247,000
Brandon Barnes
Brandon Barnes
19,000 -231,000

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