Main Event

Charania Gets Some Back

As you can read from the below Tweet, Mohsin Charania is happy with his table draw today. Life just got a little trickier with Andrew Lichtenberger's arrival though.

Charania also seems to be battling a lot with Mickey Petersen too as well. The fist battle didn't got well for him as we reported earlier, the second was much more successful though.

Petersen opened to 300 from the button and was called by Charania and Jackson Genovesi in the blinds. The flop fell {k-Spades}{a-Spades}{9-Diamonds} and Charania was the only one to check-call the PokerStars Team Online Pro's 500 c-bet. Both players checked the {10-Diamonds} turn before Charania took the pot when he led for 1,500 on the {a-Diamonds} river.

Player Chips Progress
Mickey Petersen dk
Mickey Petersen
dk 38,000 1,900
Mohsin Charania us
Mohsin Charania
us 28,000 3,400

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