Main Event

Good Night for Vitale


Action folded to Italy's Andrea Vitale in the hijack seat and he pushed his entire stack of 9,000 pre-flop. The player in the cutoff seat was Negjdel Avdylaj and he made the call. No one else at the table was willing to chip in an the two were left heads-up.

Vitale: {A-Spades} {J-Clubs}
Avdylaj: {Q-Diamonds} {9-Diamonds}

The board went {2-Diamonds} {2-Clubs} {Q-Spades} {4-Spades} {J-Hearts} giving Avdylaj a better second pair along with the pot while Vitale got eliminated from the tournament on the very last level of Day 1a of the tournament.

Player Chips Progress
Andrea Vitale
Andrea Vitale

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