Main Event

They Came, They Saw, They Failed to Conquer

Dario Minieri - one of the fallen
Chip Counts
Faraz Jaka us Busted
Gavin Cochrane gb Busted
Giuseppe Sammartino it Busted
Jean-philippe Goulet-ratelle Busted
Roberto Spada Busted
Richard Toth hu Busted
Graydon Kowal ca Busted
Manolo De Vecchis Busted
Massimiliano Manigrasso Busted
Jacob Amsellem Busted
Andrea Lazzeretti Busted
Marco Tognelli Busted
Claudio Di Giacomo it Busted
Davidi Kitai be Busted
Eric Sfez fr Busted
Favia Francesco Busted
Carsten Horenkamp Busted
Antonio Volpicelli Busted
[Removed:40] Busted
Marton Czuczor hu Busted
De Marinis Pietro Busted
Dan Murariu ro Busted
Massimiliano Martinez it Busted
Bernd Gleissner de Busted
Erasmo Longo Busted
Alexander Zyamin Busted
Leonardo Ebeling Busted
Mikhail Aleksandrov ru Busted
Damien Stuart Rhodes Busted
Marcello Roca Busted
Simone Ferretti Busted
Basilio Cipriano Busted
Dmytro Kovalchouk Busted
Dario Minieri it Busted
Constantino Russo Busted
Denys Drobyna ua Busted
Max Silver gb Busted
Mario Adinolfi it Busted
Eddie Tasbas se Busted
Sergy Malyavko Busted
Artem Perepelkin Busted
Christian Stallinger Busted
Nikolaus Teichert de Busted