Main Event

We Don't Make Up the Rules, You Need Chips to Play this Game

Chip Counts
Biagio Morciano it Busted
Andrea Salvatore it Busted
Peppino Finocchi Busted
Julio Gomez Busted
Anatoly Gurtovoy Busted
Govert Metaal nl Busted
Bruno Drago Busted
Giuseppe Chianese Busted
Wilfried Harig de Busted
Fabio Di Stefano it Busted
Igor Kurganov ru Busted
Max Lykov Busted
Gianluca Parodi Busted
Alex Kravchenko ru Busted
Eirik Gjerdevik Busted
Oleksii Kovalchuk ua Busted
Chris Sly gb Busted
Andras Nemeth hu Busted
Bjorn Lahn Busted
Marc Inizan fr Busted
Pasquale Braco it Busted
Aubin Cazals fr Busted
Jesus Sanchez us Busted
Stefano Fiore it Busted
Panyak Maxim Busted
Giacomo Fundaro it Busted
Jan Bendik sk Busted
Toby Lewis gb Busted
Carlos Mora Alvarez Busted
Pasquale Vinci it Busted