Main Event

Bonavena Busts

On a board of {4-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{J-Hearts}, Erik Olofsson checked to Salvatore Bonavena who bet out 10,00. Olofsson slid out a check-raise to 25,000 and Bonavena three-bet to 78,000.

Olofsson snap called and the river brought the {5-Clubs}. Olofsson moved all in after the river fell and Bonavena called. Olofsson showed {10-Hearts}{9-Hearts} for a straight to the jack. Bonavena moved his chips into the middle and then mucked his cards after seeing Olofsson's hand.

Olofsson is up to about 240,000 after scoring the elimination of the Team PokerStars pro.

Player Chips Progress
Erik Olofsson
Erik Olofsson
Salvatore Bonavena it
Salvatore Bonavena
it Busted

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