Main Event

Fortin Flops a Set

[user72235] • Level 6: 200-400, 50 ante

Patrick Fortin just scooped a huge pot after flopping a set of queens. We stumbled upon the action with the {3-Spades} {Q-Diamonds} {8-Diamonds} already on the board and it was a decent pile of chips in the pot that caught our eye.

Fortin bet 1,300 from under the gun and his opponent in the middle position made the call. The {J-Hearts} turn was followed by another 3,000 bet from Fortin was well as a call from the other player.

Fortin bet another 4,650 on the {5-Spades} river and once again his opponent made the call. Fortin showed {Q-Spades} {Q-Hearts} for a set of queens making his rival muck his hand.

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