Main Event

Seat 5: Jason Lavallee (5,545,000)

Jason Lavallee

Jason Lavallee is a 26-year old professional poker player from Montreal, Quebec. Though he generally plays a mixture of both tournaments and cash games, Lavallee has heightened his focus on tournament play as of late. Lavallee had his first major tournament cash back in 2007, but he earned his greatest tournament cash by finishing in 2nd place in the $15,000 World Poker Tour Championship event at Festa al Lago for $795,150. Since then Lavallee has been able to bring his total tournament winnings up to an impressive $1,055,312. Winning today will give Lavallee the biggest tournament score of his life and he is in a good position to do so as he is the biggest stack at the table.

*Courtesy of PokerStars

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