Main Event
Main Event
Day 1c completed

Day 1C is Officially Over

The two chip leaders
The two chip leaders
Day 1C has come to an end, with 60 players out of an original 195 making it to Day 2.

The chip leader for Day 1C and the entire tournament is Nok Atienza. He went on a tear midway through the day and ends with 283,000.

Second place is Benjie Concepcion, who sat next to him for the final two levels of play. Benjie currently has 229,000 in chips.

Notable chip counts:

Nok Atienza (283,100)
Benjie Concepcion (229,800)
Tony Albano (137,000)
Rowena Erquiaga (131,000)
Jade Triste (125,100)
Yoon Il Hyun (123,100)
Melvin Matibag {113,400)
Arvy Trinidad (105,200)
Harry Bolz (104,600)
Wally Sombero (76,300)

172 players will return tomorrow to play in Day 2.

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Geoffrey Busts Out as the Day Ends

Geoffrey Pamatian
Geoffrey Pamatian
After getting his stack pummeled a couple of hands ago, Geoffrey Pamatian decided to push his short stack all-in to see if he would need to return tomorrow or not.

Geoffrey: {a-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}
Opponent: {k-?}{q-?}

It was already bad early on as his opponent hit a straight on the {9-?}{10-?}{j-?} flop. It didn't get better on the turn and river and he exits just as the day comes to an end.

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The Dream Doubles Up

Wally Sombero
Wally Sombero
Wally "The Dream" Sombero, who was playing with a short stack for much of the first five or six levels, has just doubled-up to put him in decent shape for Day 2.

Pre-flop, he got it all-in against a bigger stack and tabled {a-?}{j-?} to the other player's {a-?}{9-?}.

The nine never came and the jack on the river sealed the deal to double him up to a stack around 53,000.

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A Great Call Ends in Disaster

A horrible river
A horrible river
Geoffrey Pamatian must be feeling devastated right now.

With the board showing {j-?}{4-?}{9-?}{j-?}, he bet out only to have an opponent shove all-in on him.

He tanked for a very long time before finally making the call. It turned out to be an excellent call as he showed {a-Hearts}{9-Hearts} for the pair while his opponent showed {k-?}{q-?} for a semi-bluff.

Unfortunately, the river brought a queen, eliciting a mix of shouts and groans from the crowd of onlookers.

Geoffrey is now running short after having a very decent stack a while ago.

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Softly, Softly

Playing it Soft
Playing it Soft
With the blinds at 800/1600 Mars Arias popped it to 8,000 and found one caller.

The flop peeled off {6-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{6-Clubs} and both players checked.

The turn and river came {9-Spades}{5-Hearts} with both checking again.

Mars then turned over his hand to show pocket aces!

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Arvy Hits a Set to Bust Out a Player

Arvy Trinidad
Arvy Trinidad
Arvy Trinidad has just busted out another player after hitting a set on the flop.

Pre-flop, he made it 4,800 to go and was re-raised all-in by the small blind for 13,000. He called and tabled {4-?}{4-?}, which was behind the other player's {7-?}{7-?}.

However, everything changed when a four hit on the flop, giving him a set. No seven came on the board to help the other player, who hits the rail.

Arvy is now up to around 110,000.

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Nobody Wants to Mess with Rico

Rico Dela Cruz
Rico Dela Cruz
Rico Dela Cruz has gone all-in on four occasions in the last half hour but nobody seems to want a piece of him.

Recently, he pushed all-in against Triccia David. She tanked for a long time, even standing up and pacing around, before deciding to fold.

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