Main Event

Perry Deen Beats Top Pair with a Set

With three players limping in before the flop, the cards came out {a-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}{8-Clubs}.

The under-the-gun player bet 1,000, which was called by Perry Deen. The big blind decided to get out of the way and folded.

Turn: {10-Hearts}. The UTG player bet 2,000 and was called again by Deen.

River: {k-Spades}. The UTG player bet 3,000. This time, he was raised by Deen for 5,000 more.

The UTG reluctantly called and tabled {a-?}{k-?} for top pair, which was thoroughly beaten by Deen's set with pocket sevens.

Deen picked up the pot of 22,000 to boost his stack to more than 30,000.

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